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"Glendale is home to over 250,000 residents with home and businesses that are in need of a epoxy flooring transformation. Our floor coating team in Glendale is here to help!

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Stress Free Coatings is not just another epoxy flooring company in Glendale; we're a reflection of the city's commitment to quality and aesthetics. Just as Glendale takes pride in being home to State Farm Stadium and the Arizona Cardinals, we pride ourselves on delivering a strong, resilient, and stunning Glendale epoxy flooring that stands the test of time. Our epoxy services embody the same spirit of endurance and performance as our sports teams, ensuring your floors remain champions in their own right.

Venturing beyond strength, our designs encapsulate the vibrancy and character of Glendale AZ. We take inspiration from iconic spots like the Glendale Historic District, ensuring that our work reflects the charm and richness of our surroundings. Like the city that houses the Thunderbird School of Global Management, we're always looking to innovate, pushing boundaries to offer cutting-edge epoxy solutions to our clientele.

Living in Glendale is all about experiencing a balance of tradition and modernity, and this is the ethos that drives Stress Free Coatings. Our aim isn't just to provide flooring; it's to enhance your space in a way that complements Glendale's unique blend of history and contemporary vibes. Whether it's a commercial space near Westgate City Center or a residential property close to Cerreta Candy Company, we're here to uplift it.

Choosing us means entrusting your floors to a team that understands, appreciates, and resonates with the essence of Glendale. We're not just working in this city; we're living it, celebrating it, and embedding its essence into every project. Let's craft spaces together that are as dynamic, resilient, and captivating as Glendale itself. 🌆🎨🏈🎓
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Glendale AZ epoxy flooring company

Glendale Residential Coatings

Elevate your home's interiors with our exceptional residential epoxy flooring in Glendale, merging durability with contemporary aesthetics. Witness a transformation that combines easy maintenance with a luxurious finish, tailored just for you.

Residential Options

Glendale Commercial Coatings

Empower your business space with our premium commercial Glendale epoxy flooring, designed to withstand high traffic while radiating elegance. Make a lasting impression on clients and partners with a floor that speaks volumes about your brand's commitment to quality.

Commercial Options
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Why Choose Our Glendale Team?

Local Glendale Experts: Having local experts in Glendale means understanding the unique environmental factors and aesthetic preferences of our community. It ensures that every Glendale epoxy flooring solution we provide is not only top-quality but also perfectly tailored to our local homes and businesses.

Unparalleled Quality: Recognizing our commitment to unparalleled quality ensures that customers receive an epoxy flooring project in Glendale that stands the test of time and traffic. Our dedication to excellence translates into durability, aesthetic appeal, and a finish that consistently exceeds expectations.

Customized Solutions: Our dedication to customized solutions means our clients receive a Glendale epoxy garage flooring experience uniquely tailored to their specific needs and preferences. It's not just about laying a floor; it's about crafting a personalized space that aligns perfectly with your vision and functionality requirements.

Eco-Friendly Choices: Our 'Eco-Friendly Choices' assures customers that we prioritize both quality and environmental responsibility in our work. Investing in our services means obtaining a stunning epoxy floor that aligns with sustainable practices and reduces ecological footprints.

Experienced Team: Knowing that an experienced Glendale team is at the helm guarantees that every project benefits from tried-and-true techniques and insights honed over years in the industry. With us, customers aren't just getting an epoxy garage floor; they're investing in a legacy of excellence and proven expertise.

Affordable Pricing: Our affordable pricing ensures customers that they're receiving top-tier epoxy solutions without compromising their budget. With us, premium quality meets cost-effectiveness, making high-end flooring attainable for all."

Trusted by the Glendale Community: Being trusted by the Glendale community means that our garage epoxy flooring services in Glendale have consistently met and exceeded local expectations, building lasting relationships over time. Customers can take confidence in joining a roster of satisfied locals who vouch for our commitment to quality and integrity.

What type of floor coating in Glendale are you looking for?

chip epoxy flooring

Chip Epoxy Floor

Elevate your space with chip epoxy flooring, a visually engaging solution that combines vibrant color chips with high durability for a seamless, pebble-like finish. This flooring not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of your environment but also stands up to high traffic and daily wear, making it a stylish yet practical choice for both residential and commercial spaces.

metallic epoxy floor

Metallic Epoxy Floor

Imagine owning a floor that not only boasts unique, three-dimensional aesthetics, but is also highly durable and easy to maintain. With metallic flooring, you will enjoy the beautiful swirling liquid metal appearance that’s resistant to wear, tear, and chemical spills, providing an easy-to-clean, hygienic solution that truly sets your space apart.

Polyurethane Coating

Polyurethane Coating

Embrace the superior durability and flexibility offered by polyurethane coating, a solution that's tough against abrasions, chemical spills, and heavy foot traffic. Not only does it provide a long-lasting finish that protects your underlying floors, but its seamless, high-gloss or matte finish also delivers a visually pleasing aesthetic, enhancing the overall look and feel of your space.

Polyaspartic Coating

Polyaspartic Coating

Experience the efficiency and durability of polyaspartic coating, a high-performance flooring solution that can be installed and cured rapidly, minimizing your property's downtime. Offering exceptional resistance against abrasions, chemical spills, and UV damage, this coating retains its vibrant color and gloss over time, guaranteeing you a floor that's not just strong, but aesthetically pleasing as well.

Concrete Stain Floor

Concrete Stain Floor

Unleash the hidden beauty of your concrete floors with concrete staining, a technique that imbues your space with a rich, deep, and translucent tone, unlike any traditional flooring option. Apart from its visually stunning and unique aesthetic, concrete staining offers a high level of durability and low maintenance, ensuring your floor continues to make a statement for years to come.

epoxy wood floor look

Wood Floor Look (New!)

Unveil the beauty of a hardwood floor with the added resilience of epoxy with the wood floor look, a flooring solution that marries the charm of wood with the strength of epoxy. This innovative choice not only delivers a realistic wood appearance but also provides superior durability, resistance to moisture, and ease of maintenance, making it the perfect fusion of aesthetic appeal and functionality.

Frequently Asked Questions

Stress Free Coatings

What is epoxy flooring?

Epoxy flooring is a high-performance surface coating made by applying layers of epoxy resin onto a floor base. Epoxy is known for its superior durability and resistance, it creates a glossy, hard-wearing, and easy-to-maintain surface ideal that is ideal for both residential and commercial settings. Additionally, epoxy flooring offers extensive customization options, allowing for a wide range of colors and patterns that can create unique, visually striking floors.

What is the difference between chip and metallic epoxy flooring?

Chip epoxy flooring and metallic epoxy flooring are both variants of epoxy floor systems, but they differ in appearance and application. Chip epoxy flooring involves the application of colorful flakes or chips into the epoxy base, resulting in a textured, multi-colored, and pebble-like finish that is often used in commercial and residential spaces for its durability and slip resistance.

On the other hand, metallic epoxy flooring incorporates metallic additives to create a glossy, three-dimensional, swirling effect that can mimic scenes from nature like marbled stone or molten metal, offering a more artistic and dramatic aesthetic often favored in showrooms, galleries, and high-end residential settings.

How long does epoxy flooring last?

The lifespan of epoxy flooring largely depends on the quality of the materials used, the proficiency of the installation, and the conditions of use. However, with proper installation and regular maintenance, epoxy flooring in residential settings can last 15-20 years, while in commercial or industrial settings, it can last 5-10 years due to heavier traffic. It's important to note that despite its inherent durability, epoxy flooring can be extended substantially with regular cleaning and by avoiding harsh impacts or abrasive chemicals.

Is epoxy flooring resistant to scratches and stains?

Yes, epoxy flooring is highly resistant to both scratches and stains, thanks to its hard-wearing and seamless surface. It can withstand heavy foot traffic, abrasive materials, and chemical spills, maintaining its glossy appearance over time. However, while it's resistant, it's not completely immune, so proper care and maintenance are still crucial to preserve its longevity and aesthetic appeal.

Can epoxy flooring be used in residential settings?

Absolutely, epoxy flooring can indeed be used in residential settings. Its durability, resistance to damage, and low maintenance needs make it an excellent choice for areas like basements, garages, kitchens, or any high-traffic areas in the home. Moreover, with a variety of colors and patterns available, including options like chip epoxy or metallic epoxy, homeowners can customize the look to match their specific style and décor.

How do I clean and maintain epoxy flooring?

Maintaining epoxy flooring is relatively straightforward. For routine cleaning, simply sweep or vacuum the floor to remove dust and debris, then mop with a mild detergent to keep the surface shiny and clean. For stubborn stains or spills, it's recommended to clean them up immediately with a soft cloth or non-abrasive scrubber to prevent potential damage to the floor's glossy finish.

How much does a garage epoxy floor cost?

The garage floor epoxy cost varies greatly and depends on a few factors. Factors like epoxy type, square feet, etc.

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